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I received an Electrical Engineering degree from Houari Boumedienne University (89), Algiers, Algeria; M.S. (90) and Ph.D. (93) degrees in Automatic and Signal Processing, both from Paris-XI University, Paris, France.

I worked at LSS-Supelec (90), Paris, France, on Sources Localization Applications for a Passive Sonar; CNET, France Telecom's center for R&D (91-95),  Lannion, France, on Speech Processing (Recognition, Synthesis & Voice Transformation); Texas Instruments (95-96), Dallas, Texas, USA, on Speech Recognition and Graph Search Algorithms.

After a sabbatical period living in the US, I joined RALI, a laboratory within DIRO (Computer Science and Operational Research Department), University of Montréal, Canada. My main tasks were: The development of a tool that enables translators to create and manipulate a Bi-Text and the portability issues of the RALI's softwares between several platforms (Solaris/Linux/Win).

From July 1st 2000 to November 2007, I worked at support, DIRO, as system administrator.

I became Chief of Laboratories (IT Director) on december 2007. I manage DIRO technical support team. I am member of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Committee since November 2004. I also teach at the same department:


Traitement informatique des mégadonnées (IFT6501) (Fall 19).
Advanced Programming with C++ (IFT1169) (Fall 19 up to 15, Winters 15 up to 06, Summer 06).

Mobile platforms programming using Android (IFT1155) (Winters 19 up to 15, Summers 14 & 13).
Object Oriented Programming in C++ (IFT1166) (Summer 08, Summer 07, Fall 05, Winters 05 & 04, Fall 03, Fall 99 to Winter 01)
Computing II (IFT1020) (Summers 05, 04 & 03).
Advanced aspects of Java (IFT1176) (Fall 02, Summer 02, Fall 01).
Computer Networks (IFT3820/IFT6833) (Summer 02).
Java and applications with Object Oriented Programming (IFT1170) (Summer 01)


Some Publications

"Aladin: An Alignment Management Tool for Translators", M.N.Lokbani, RIAO-2000, April 2000.

"La Reconnaissance de la Parole ... 20 ans Après", M.N.Lokbani & S.White, La Recherche, April 1999.

"N-Best Solutions Algorithms and Post-Processing, in Speech Recognition", M.N.Lokbani, Ph.D. Thesis, September 1993. [short summary][long][thesis]

"Performances et comparaison de méthodes haute résolution pour le traitement d'antenne ", M.N.Lokbani, Mémoire de D.E.A (Maîtrise), Septembre 1990 (in french).

"Object Oriented Programming in C++" [Lecture notes (in french)]

"Advanced Java Programming" [Lecture notes (in french)]



Support's home page at DIRO

Some technologies developed @ RALI:


Aladin: An Alignment Tool for Bi-Text Manipulation

SILC: Language identification system

TransType (Interactive Machine Translation)

Other Links ...

TCL/TK (Aladin's GUI was developed using the TCL/TK programming language).


University of Montréal

OOP in C++, IFT1166


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