Emacs Lisp packages

I maintain several Elisp packages, most of which are included in Emacs. Here are the ones that still aren't included. Send any complaint/question/praise/ice-cream to me.

SML mode

Its home page is now at GNU ELPA.

SML-mode is a major Emacs mode for editing Standard ML source code. It provides syntax highlighting and automatic indentation and supports interaction with an inferior SML interactive loop such as the one of SML/NJ or Moscow ML.

Since release 6.0 sml-mode needs Emacs>=24. It is included in GNU ELPA, so you can install it with M-x list-packages.
Older releases will work on older Emacsen.

Some more or less out of date documentation can be found in TeXinfo format.

Check the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
Check the NEWS file for a list of changes in this version.
Check the BUGS and TODO file before sending me bug reports and requests for enhancements.

Haskell mode

Since October 2009, I do not maintain Haskell mode any more. Svein Ove Aas gladly agreed to take over this challenge. Good luck to him. See The new official site.


Just a sample template file for a major mode.


A simple package to help you install third party elisp packages (single files or tarballs). Work in progress.


This is an Emacs front end to the Music Player Daemon.

Note that there are other front ends available on the net, and since I found it difficult to find some of them, I'll list the ones I found here:

MPC.el mostly provides a browser inspired from Rhythmbox for your music collection and also allows you to play the music you select.

I play albums rather than songs and thus don't have much need for playlists, and it shows. Playlist support exists, but is limited. The intention is to handle playlists just like any other attributes. I.e. placing a file in playlist FooSongs is treated as equivalent to adding a tag "playlist=FooSongs".

MPC.el is included in Emacs since Emacs-23.2 and newer versions are developed directly in the development branch of Emacs.

You can see the old development code from my earlier Bzr archive. The archive is at http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~monnier/bzr/mpc.

Stefan Monnier
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