Promotional Strategies in an Ice Cream Parlor

by Felisa J. Vázquez-Abad and Yanick Champoux

This page presents a case study which is an example of Market Analysis. We shall first introduce our Ice Cream Parlor, how many people come every day and what do they buy. When we set up the simulation for estimating the daily profit, we shall introduce methods for efficient programming. Then we go into a promotional strategy where coupons are offered to clients. The market analysis touches two factors: estimation of the daily profit as well as estimation of the credit risk, namely that after a week's operation our creamery goes bankrupt, and by how much. Finally, we introduce another promotional strategy and motivate how simulation can be used to compare two strategies.

Estimating the Daily Profit

You will find here the concepts of:

which take you by the hand (or so we hope) on how to prepare a simulation. In addition, the last two topics introduce in a simple context some advanced techniques for efficient simulation.

Evaluating a Promotional Strategy

You will find here the subjects:

  • Fast Simulation: Changing the Measure to estimate credit risk.
  • Comparing Two Systems: Simulation as a tool for decision making. which illustrate advanced techniques where simulation could be of great value.

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