CCOptim : Call Center Optimization Java Library

Keywords : Call Center, Contact Center, Staffing Optimization, Queueing Approximation, Java Library / Software

(Important note: This is an old version. A new version of this library will be made available soon.)

These programs optimize the staffing in a multi-skill call center for a single period.
Java 5 is required to run these programs. The required libraries are included in the folder 'lib'. The external (included) freely distributable libraries are : ContactCenters, SSJ and Colt.
The user must install his own solver library in order to run the cutting-plane optimization.

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Example files
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Implemented Java solver interface : Ilog Cplex (tested with Cplex 8 and 9) and Opsresearch solvers. Later version of Cplex (up to latest version 12.5) should be compatible.
Unfortunately, Opsresearch has been discontinued since many years and it seems to have disappeared from the web. Their jar package is made available here: or124.jar.

Contact : chanwyea <at> iro <dot> umontreal <dot> ca
Last update : 2014-07-02