Vauchers in South America

In the 19th century, many Swiss emigrated to South America and the Vauchers were no exception.
Today, their descendants are concentrated in Argentina, Uruguay and the south of Brazil.
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Uruguay was a popular destination starting in the 1860s. Emigrants founded "Nueva Helvecia" in 1861. Other Swiss headed for the Colonia San Jose (Argentina) ended up in Paysandu (Uruguay) accross the river. There is presently an active Swiss Society in Paysandu and several (hard to find) books have been published on the Swiss immigration:

The Vauchers in Brazil are mostly descendants of Clovis Vaucher who settled in Paysandu. From there, Vauchers moved on to Rivera and hence into Brazil. Details on these early immigrants was first published by Ricardo Vaucher on the Swiss Society Blog; then, in 2015, Familia Vaucher was set up as a group on Facebook to allow Vauchers from Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina to link up. Information from that group has allowed many additions to our database. Rosa Maria Marques compiled an impressive genealogy on some 400 descendants of Delmiro, one of Clovis' sons; and Ismael has created a chart for another son, Gustavo.

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