Samuel Chase Dean

  • Born 28 March 1823 - Oakham, Mass., USA
  • Died 9 September 1890 - South Bend, Nebraska, USA , age at death: 67 years old

Spouses and children


He graduated at Amherst College in 1853, and from the Theological Seminary in Andover in 1856. On 9th August 1856, at Andover, he married Elizabeth Augusta, a daughter of the Reverend Amos Abbott, who had been born in Ahmednuggur, India, on 8th April 1835, and died on 12th February 1916 at Northfield, Minnesota. She came from India with her parents when she was 12 years old, and studied at Mount Holyoke Seminary, Massachusetts. She and her husband returned to India in 1856 as missionaries under the ABCFM where they remained until 1867, when they returned to America. They lived at Mount Vernon, New Hampshire until 1869, and then at Nacoochee Valley, Ga, until 1872, when they became home missionaries under the Congregatioonal Home Missionary Society in Steele City, Plymouth and So Bend Nebraska, where he died on 9th September 1890, after which Elizabeth Augusta lived in Omaha, Nebraska, until 1891, and then in Wilmette, Illionois, a suburb of Chicago. She was president of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Congregational Church in Nebraska from 1876 to 1888. Christened as Elizabeth Augusta, her father reversed her names. They had children:

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