Edward James Smith


Spouses and children


Alexander Smith 1784-1876   Elspet Raeburn 1781-1856   x Ironside   ? ?
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George Smith 1804-1880   Jessie Ironside
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Edward James Smith 1850-1880



Accountant for 4 years, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Hamilton, Ontario. Shortly before his death, he was promoted manager of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at Stratford.
He died in Stratford after a painful illness of several week duration (inflammation of the bowels). His remains were taken to Whitby for interment and were followed to the G.T.R. station by a large concourse of citizens.
He left behind a mother, sister and brother residing in Hamilton
Type: Gerrie Howard Tombstone
Location: Oshawa, Ontario
20 ft. red granite 'needle' Overlooking route 2