Perrette Uhlmann

(Pernette Perrette Wilhelmine Uhlmann)


Spouses and children


Jean R. Uhlmann   Dorothea Schweizer   Jean Louis Malacreda   Marie Linkre
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Jean Rodolphe Uhlmann †1871   Marie Charlotte Antoinette Malacreda 1813-1891
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Perrette Uhlmann 1838-1910



Louise and Perette Uhlmann
by C. Pouzait (1858)

The Westfield disaster (1871)

Perrette lost her first husband, Marc Chenevière, and her two children as well as her sister Jeanne and her father in a major disaster: the boiler explosion of the Staten Island Ferry in 1871.

NY Times    Tuesday, Aug 1, 1871

Seventy-two deaths so far
One hundred and thirty-five known to be wounded.

Late in the afternoon the dead body of Miss Jeanne Uhlmann, the sister of Mrs. Cheneviere and daughter of Rudolph Uhlmann was brought in having been found floating near Staten island. She was a beautiful girl, and very stylishly dressed in brown silk with kid gloves and rich jewelry.

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From: Front page, NY Times (Tuesday, Aug 1, 1871)

Burying the Dead, NY Times (1871)

Tragedy was far from over for Perrette. Her youngest son, Philippe Horace died in Shanghai in 1902; then her eldest son, Jean, and his wife both passed away in 1907.

She obtained custody of her orphaned grandson, Philippe, who had been left in Port Arthur after Flossie's death. Philippe was brought up first by Perette then her daughter Louisette.

At left: Philippe and Perrette

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