Recent Changes
Updated 19 July 2013

July 2013

  1. Major addition: Data from the Neuchâtel Archives concerning 2700 individuals provided by M. Kreis, an authority on the genealogy of the Val-de-Travers area. He also maintains a presence on Geneanet.

May 2012

  1. Added 250 new Vauchers from Corcelles/Cormontdrèche found on New Family Search
  2. Established Clovis Vaucher as the Swiss emigrant who appears to be the common ancestor of most of the Vauchers now living in South America
  3. Found more on Baron Vaucher
  4. Adding an index of people with photos or documents

November 2011

  1. Linked the Mulhouse industrialist Edouard Vaucher to his Fleurier parents
  2. Discovered that Paul Vaucher (WW2 historian) whose extensive bibliography I had documented was our industrialist's grandson... and linked him as such into the database
  3. Created a page with details of JPE's Céligny properties and added links in the info section of JPE and his sons.
  4. Found that Geneanet had links to on-line indexed databases of old Swiss newspapers and journals, like: Added info from those to many individuals, including:

October 2011

These often point to descendants trees of various first immigrants

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