Eugene Albert Demonet




Jean Claude Demonet   Catherine Cosson   Jean Adolphe Vaucher 1799-1886   Louise Faure 1806-1858
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Jean Baptiste Demonet 1826-1878   Anna Cecile Vaucher 1836-1922
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Eugene Albert Demonet 1866-1950

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In his early life he lived in Brooklyn and was president of- the Lincoln Club. There he was a member of the Huguenot Society and Mistletoe Lodge 647 F.A.M. Brooklyn. He was a veteran of the 13th Regiment of New York National Guard, Brooklyn. Since 1941 he lived with his son Eugene in Short Hills, and had a large place on Cove Road, Huntington, L.I. where they spent the summers.

Travel: Listed arriving Ellis Island: 1908 (with wife), 1909, 1911 (with wife & 3 children), 1913 (wife), 1919, 1922( son Gregory), 1923. Residence: 134 Adelphi, Brooklyn, NY; Bus: 198 William, NY.