Henri Hermann Liotard

(Mannry Liotard)

  • Sündinud umbes märtsil 1830 - Genève, GE, Suisse
  • Surnud  1917 - Canton, NY , vanus surres võib-olla 87 aastat
  • Maetud - Evergreen Cemetery, Canton, St. Lawrence County, New York, USA
  • Professor of French and German languages

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Henri Hermann Liotard emigrated to America in 1864. He taught French and German in private schools in New York City, Shippan Point (Conn.) and Pittsfield (Mass) before being appointed professor of Modern Languages at St. Lawrence University in Canton (NY) in 1882 where he taught for 19 years before retiring in 1901. The Liotards spent many years in Pittsfield, where Henri taught at Miss Salisbury School for Young Ladies.

NY Daily Tribune, Sept. 2, 1875

He probably convinced his friend James Vaucher to join him with his new wife and their baby in 1876.

More information can be found in his daughter Marie's lengthy Obituary, Plaindealer (1932)

At St. Lawrence Professor Liotard filled this position with industry and fidelity; he always had recitations at the early morning hour, and his classes were always among the largest in college.

He was patient with his students, and inclined to a charitable view of their shortcomings. It was understood that he computed his grades to a minute decimal; it was a flagrant case, however, when his system of mathematics gave a result below the passing grade. On one occasion, with the grieved air with which he administered any necessary reproof, he said to a student whose work was notoriously poor, "Mr. X, when you try to recite, I mark you ten; when you do not try, I mark you zero; your grade is two." The election of Professor Liotard as Professor Emeritus, on his retirement in 1901, attests the personal regard in which he is held.
From "Sixty years of St.Lawrence" published by class of 1916, p. 75. Tantae Molis Erat.

Notes de J. Vaucher

My great-grandfather, James , was a close friend of Henri: they visited Algeria together (1856) and, 2 years later, Henri married James' sister Charlotte. There was much interaction and correspondance between the Vauchers and the Liotards, especially from 1876 when the Vauchers moved to Pittsfield until they left for Geneva in 1878.

Collection Jean Vaucher

Evergreen Cemetery, Canton, NY

The book "Sixty years of Saint Lawrence" also mentions Miss Marguerite Liotard, '98 who was a soloist in the St. Cecilia Musical Club. She also sang the title role in the opera "Ermine" in 1902. The retrospective yearbook also mentions that Liotard was an organizer of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Prof Liotard's House on Church Street had been secured as a chapter house. As testimonial to his influence, the 1904 issue of the Gridiron publication was dedicated to him. Lastly the book mentions that Mrs Liotard lent a period gown for the production of a translation of a Schiller play "Der Neffe also Onkel"

St. Lawrence notes:

Founded in 1856, St. Lawrence University is the oldest continuously coeducational institution of higher learning in New York State. Today, it offers a four-year undergraduate program of study in the liberal arts and enrolls approximately 2,000 students. St. Lawrence University looks back at a history that includes industry pioneers, government leaders, a law school, Madame Curie, the SS St. Lawrence Victory, movie stars, and sports legends. Originally chartered as a Universalist seminary and college of letters and science, St. Lawrence championed progressive ideas such as critical thinking and gender equality. The university of the late 19th century, although austere, offered nonacademic activities, including sports teams, a student government, the first Greek-letter organizations, and organizations for music, drama, social activism, and the literary arts. After weathering the Great Depression and World War II, the university grew dramatically; the four-building campus serving some 300 students in the early 1940s became a 30-building campus within 25 years.

1890 Universalist Register:

In 1890 there were 8 faculty members, 120 undergraduates and 11 graduates.
In 1882-83: 66 students and 9 graduates