Charles Vallée

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HONORABLE CHARLES VALEE, as the name was originally spelled, was born about 1584, died and was buried in the choir of St. Saens, district of Rouen, France, January 27, 1658. He married (first), November 11, 1607, Fleurence de Sahurs, of the parish of St. Saens. He married (second), December 25,1616, Jehanne Elie, of the parish of St. Raurert (Raurert may not be correct, the original was faded). He married (third) Anne Elie. Children of the first marriage:

  1. Marie, baptized October 18, 1609, probably died young.
  2. Marie (again), baptized April 13, 1612.
  3. Nicholas, baptized april 5, 1614; married (first), in the church of St. Maclou, May 15, 1638, Francoise Mouflart, who was born in 1617 and buried August 15 1650, in the church of St. Saens; married (second), about January, 1651, Marie Dufour.
Children of the second marriage:
  1. Jehanne, baptized January 26, 1620.
  2. Mathieu, baptized February 9, 1621; married, at St. Vivien de Rouen, July 23, 1651, Catherine Colombel, of the parish of St. Vivien, daughter of Denis and Catherine (Jouenne) Colombel.
  3. Pierre, baptized at the church of St. Saens, District of Rouen, France, December 7, 1622. Later emigrated to New France
  4. Anne, baptized September 14 1624.
  5. Catherine, baptized February 14,1626, died March 7, 1721; married Jean Hellot.
  6. Marguerite, baptized May 31, 1627, died November 19, 1713; married, in 1649, Martin Eudes.
  7. Jeanne Marguerite, baptized October 18, 1628.
  8. Elizabeth, baptized April 27, 1630.
  9. Marie, baptized September 28, 1631.
Children of the third marriage:
  1. Jacques, baptized February 1. 1634, died July 21, 1634.
  2. Susanne, baptized November 8, 1635.
  3. Charles, baptized October 15, 1637.
(Records furnished by Mrs. Ida M. Schaaf of St. Marys, Missouri, which cite records in the archives of St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, and "Supplement with Additions and Corrections to Notes on the Genealogy of the Valle Family," by Marie Louise Dalton, Vol. II, of the Missouri Historical Society Collections.
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