Marc Chenevière

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New York Times, Monday, July 31, 1871: APPALING DISASTER - Explosion of a Staten Island Ferry-Boat Boiler on the ÒWestfieldÓ at South Ferry. Over 40 people killed. Nearly 200 known to be injured.

One of the last bodies brought in was that of Prof. March [sic] Cheneviere, of Brooklyn, a fine-looking , heavy-built man, dressed in elegant style. he had been thrown up into the air some distance and fallen into the water, whence he was pulled by a boatman with his boat-hook but life had been extinct for hours.
The killed: Marc Cheneviere, residing in Clinton Street, first house from Congress-street, Brooklyn
The wounded: Mrs. Uhlmann, No 18 Douglas St., Brooklyn
- Mrs. Cheneviere, No 246 Clinton St. Brooklyn (daughter of above)
- Mary Cheneviere, No 246 Clinton St. (daughter of above)