Carrie Gerrie

Sosa: 3

  • Geboren in 1854
  • Overleden op 3 februari 1954 , leeftijd bij overlijden: 100 jaar oud
  • Founder of St.Hilda's school in Calgary


Huwelijken en kinderen


John Gerrie 1796-1882   Ann Mitchell 1789-1867   Erastus Edwin Howard 1797-1853   Tryphena Wilcox 1801-1873
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James H. Gerrie 1821-1872   Tryphena A. Howard 1833-1887
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Carrie Gerrie 1854-1954

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'Aunt' Carrie figures prominently in the Vaucher Saga. Widowed early (at 26) and short on funds but well connected, Carrie showed considerable initiative in making a living. According to PJV, she started as a traveling companion for her wealthy friends. Then she set up a boarding house in Paris catering to daughter of canadian families rounding out their education on the continent. It was on her trip from Canada to Europe to stay at Carrie's that Florence Burk met Jean Vaucher's Aunt Marie and then Jean waiting at the railway station.

1904-1908: founded and ran St. Hilda's College in Calgary.