patrice marcotte
research interests 
  • nonlinear optimization 
  • equilibrium models and trafic assignment 
  • bilevel programming 
  • variational inequalities 
  • revenue management and pricing
My research work is mainly concerned with the algorithmic aspects of convex and nonconvex programming, the theory and applications of variational inequalities, in particular in the field of transportation planning.

With respect to equilibrium models, I have been interested in the formulation and solution of variational inequalities through the minimization of merit functions, convex or not which, in the special of optimization problems, are closely related to the duality gap.

I am currently studying, in the realm of bilevel programming, optimization problems with variational constraints, for which we proposed both exact algorithms and powerful heuristic procedures based on the particular structures of the problem. In particular I have studied toll maximization problems (revenue management ) which brought to my attention a bicriterion (time-money) traffic assignment model with surprising properties!