V. 1.2.5.

Package umontreal.iro.lecuyer.simevents

This package provides the simulation clock and tools to manage the future events list.


Interface Summary
LinkedListStat.ListIterator2 This interface is for internal use only.

Class Summary
Accumulate A subclass of StatProbe, for collecting statistics on a variable that evolves in simulation time, with a piecewise-constant trajectory.
Continuous This abstract class provides the basic structures and tools for continuous-time simulation, where certain variables evolve continuously in time, according to differential equations.
Event This abstract class provides event scheduling tools.
LinkedListStat This class extends LinkedList, with statistical probes integrated in the class to provide automatic collection of statistics on the sojourn times of objects in the list and the size of the list as a function of time.
Sim This static class contains the executive of a discrete-event simulation.

Package umontreal.iro.lecuyer.simevents Description

This package provides the simulation clock and tools to manage the future events list. These are the basic tools for discrete-event simulation. Several different implementations of the event list are offered. Some basic tools for continuous simulation (i.e., solving differential equations with respect to time) are also provided. The scheduling part of discrete-event simulations is managed by the ``chief-executive'' class Sim, which contains the simulation clock and the central monitor. The event list is taken from one of the implementations of the interface EventList, which provide different kinds of event list implementations. One can change the default SplayTree event list implementation via the method init. The class Event provides the facilities for creating and scheduling events in the simulation. Each type of event must be defined by extending the class Event. The class Continuous provides elementary tools for continuous simulation, where certain variables vary continuously in time according to ordinary differential equations.

The class LinkedListStat implements doubly linked lists, with tools for inserting, removing, and viewing objects in the list, and automatic statistical collection. These lists can contain any kind of Object.

V. 1.2.5.

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